Almost there: please enter your email below to gain instant access. Don’t forget to include your website URL! , for example, posted the following image about its involvement in races it participated in at Mission Beach. The message will be relayed to the user's private inbox, where only they will be able to read it. 4. To post on Instagram from PC, you will have to use modern web browsers with a special built-in feature that allows you to access Instagram’s mobile view on desktop. Some brands, like Kutoa Bars, actually makes this a central part of its mission statement on Instagram. . Flowers are known to freshen up any feed, grab a posy, hold it against a backdrop and get snapping. So use this space wisely. Anatomie does this well on its profile, featuring plenty of posts like the one below, showing its clothing worn in beautiful, exciting places around the world. Instagram offers a lot of potential as a platform for creating and nurturing relationships with your target audience, as well as features to convert them into customers. Thanksgiving posts could incorporate #thanksgiving, #turkeyday, #fall #autumnweather #harvestseason, #holidayseason, #almostblackfriday, and more. Describe why these things are all so important to you – an interesting way to show what your life is like behind-the-scenes! Use hashtags for post optimization. Don’t keep it a secret, share it with your audience! #sagebrushcoffee #mothersday #mothersdaygift #coffee #hydroflask #frenchpress #toddycoldbrew, A post shared by Sagebrush Coffee (@sagebrushcoffee) on May 4, 2018 at 2:37pm PDT. Each Mothers Day Gift Pack comes with 12 oz of delicious Sagebrush Coffee. . These products are all related, but because they’re different, there’s an increased likelihood more people will find something to buy when they view it. Look at writing your Instagram caption as writing a mini blog post. The visual side of any Instagram profile is the most important thing. User-generated content (UGC) is the “holy grail” of Instagram posting! Post a teaser image as a post or on your Story, and share the first few lines of your blog. . Instagram captions can be up to 2,200 characters long. Flatlays are an easy and effective ‘go to’ on Instagram. Received some kind words from a client or customer recently? You can share it after it’s recorded or film it live. How to Write Good Instagram Captions Tip #2: Add a Call-to-Action Using Call-to-Actions to Drive Engagement. But in diversifying your Instagram posts, you can maintain a well-rounded profile, which users will respond to more enthusiastically. Faffing in the bedroom (even if autocorrect keeps changing it to gagging ) Feeling inspired after reading this months @countrystylemag – so many gorgeous homes to drool over , A post shared by Sarah Pollard (@the_warehouse_at_woodside) on Jun 21, 2017 at 3:13am PDT. Create an Instagram marketing plan to help create posts that get results. The post below features and tags an influencer with more than 40,000 followers. Food porn is great and all, but give words a chance. Like others' content, follow them, and comment on pictures they post. There’s nothing better than scrolling through Instagram to find a bit of afternoon delight, in the form of a snap giveaway. 4. 1. High-quality pictures and videos of your products will likely be one of the easiest (and most expected) places to ... 2. Instagram users love with eyes. Share something that’s challenging you at the moment or a struggle you’ve faced recently. This keeps your profile from feeling too one note or overly promotional. Write … Just because Instagram is a mostly visual platform doesn’t mean you can’t share your blog. Need some inspiration? What about planning a trip to the beach – there’s always something about the ocean that makes people happy! If you want your text to be seen by everyone, you need text to … Do this using dynamic colors and layouts. Alternatively, you can share business/personal milestones, such as making your 1,000th order or becoming a new parent. Posting a photo to Instagram, of course, isn't really a hard thing to do—the challenge comes in crafting the perfect caption to accompany the image. In other cases, it may be as simple as posing a question and asking other users to comment. Learn how to run your own contest in How to Grow Your Business With Giveaways and Viral Contests. Showing multiple ways to use a single product, Showing multiple related products, each with its own product tags, Showing a series of pictures taken during an event, Announce it in advance so followers know to tune in, Have a plan and practice before you go on, Give your audience at least 30 seconds to join by incorporating a preamble before you start, Try to be in an area with good lighting and little to no background noise, Post to Instagram from your computer (which makes it easier to create, edit, and manage your media), Upload and organize your media to maintain a backlog of content, Don’t post irreversible content for engagement bait, Don’t steal other Instagram users’ content. . Or, if you have a local presence, like GREATS, you can give a quick shoutout to a nearby bakery that’s running a special. Another nice bonus? These influencers may only have tens of thousands of followers, but they’ll be trusted by their audience. With each post, share a short (or long) thought followed by 10-20 relevant hashtags. Put that out to the world, and we’ll all fall in love with you. This is a clever Instagram video post for a few reasons. Want to get a lot of engagement quickly and generate excitement around your brand? Write and send your message. This was a great way to show that it’s prominent in and involved with the community, making it more relatable to its target audience and earning it credibility all at once. Exactly how? Long-form content isn’t just popular for blog posts and YouTube videos. Hot tip! How to Write Instagram Captions 2. Here's a few pink things I found in my painting space — including the swatches my fans chose for this month's FREE art! Instagram Captions Tip #8: Don’t forget to … Many brands don’t use enough video on their social media channels in general, but they’re especially lacking in video on Instagram. You can post content from before, during, and after the event to create more hype. Between Stories, posts and IGTV, Instagram now offers a variety of content types. One of the quickest ways to establish trust and loyalty in your audience is to post content showing involvement with your community. 2 Million+ Instagram Post + Story Templates, Videos, Photos & Design Resources With Unlimited Downloads. Using Call-to-Actions to Divert Traffic to Your Site. In this example, apparel brand Rebel8 share a quote from famed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill: However, you can also create inspirational Instagram posts featuring sayings or short stories. The good news, though, is that there are plenty of different ways to keep your Instagram feed fresh and your followers engaged. and create your own graphic to share. in front of colorful walls. Also, they help make sure you’ve always got something new for your followers to like and tag their friends in. Team this shot with #ihavethisthingwithfloors or #ihavethisthingwithtiles and join the already existing community. Post about why you’re passionate about what you do, the big WHY behind what drives you to get better every day and your passions for your Instagram feed. Consider length. Post regularly for people to follow you. Her first Instagram post coincided with the 2012 Presidential election. Post regularly for people to follow you. Ideally you’re showcasing your products in an aspirational yet relatable setting that your audience can picture themselves in. Here Are 20 Ideas to Spice Up Your Feed. Product tags and stickers can convert followers who are ready to buy now. UGC is something you’ll want to post on an Instagram Story to promote your brand in a subtle but highly effective way. In fact, it will actually be better in most cases for Shopify merchants to reach out to smaller micro-influencers and nano-influencers. One of the biggest advantages of seasonal posts is that the hashtags are directly relevant right now, meaning more users are likely to seek them out. What about planning a trip to the beach – there’s always something about the ocean that makes people happy! Strive to create product posts that focus more on conveying a feeling—a mood, aesthetic, association, or sentiment that you want people to think of when they see your brand name. We’ll talk about what this bio should accomplish, what information you need to include, and some excellent examples to draw inspiration from. All posts were scheduled using Agorapulse. You can use Instagram for more than just posting pretty pictures. This can be an event that your business is hosting or one that you’ve been invited to attend. You can add the alt description on Instagram either before you publish your post, or after. What Should Writers Post on Instagram? Give a sneak peak of how your favorite place to hang looks from the inside. Brainstorming cool things to post on Instagram can seem like a daunting task, so we’ve done the hard work for you. It actively works to reduce world hunger, and its posts get a ton of engagement. Pablo by Buffer is an awesome online tool that lets you add text to any image. Take followers behind the scenes. While no one would say no to a prize, for plenty of users, the share alone is a great incentive. Instagram Post Ideas or, What to Post in Instagram Styled Product Photos. Before you introduce your business on Instagram, you need to ensure you have set up your account correctly. When photographing products for your feed, you want to avoid making them look like ads. April Content Calendar (With 30 Days Of Free Canva Templates! Have you got a project bubbling away in the background, but not ready to do a ‘full reveal’ just yet? Well, it can be a reality, thanks to our new content prompts in the Plann app! Whether we're sharing snaps of our latest #ootd or browsing through other fashion people's fabulous posts from runway shows, parties, and beyond, Instagram is where it's at. 4. Do you get up early for a jog at 6? Followers love behind-the-scenes content. Time is one of the hardest things to get better at using. The message will be relayed to the user's private inbox, where only they will be able to read it. User-generated content (UGC) is the “holy grail” of Instagram posting! The first thing that jumps out at an Instagram user is the fact that actor George Clooney is in the post! In this post we’ve discussed how effective user-generated content can be. Include a call-to-action. [clickToTweet tweet=”Before you launch your Instagram, post 3-5 photos” quote=”Before you launch your Instagram, post 3-5 photos”] 5. Grab a friend for a coffee and head out to explore – once you get busy snapping you’ll find you’ll leave with many more shots to spread out over the months when you get stuck again! Tell your audience how you set your intention for the day – you’ll either inspire them or if you’re work-o-holics like us, perhaps give insight into what you are planning to change. Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes you want to write out exactly what you mean. Our favorite hashtag to follow for these is #walltraveled, Hey, boys & girls. Foot Locker. Instagram is a hotspot for building an audience and selling products. Your goal should be to have your brand be consistent on the platform but your content and individual posts diversified to keep your followers interested. Writing Quotes. If you aren’t sure what hashtags to use, use the Instagram search tool, and type your industry. How to Post Text on Instagram. Imagine someone is sitting next to you as you scroll through Instagram, and they point at a photo and ask what it is. Content that focuses on (or, even better, is created by) employees is a great option for Instagram. Is your website content costing you sales? Did you know that exercise can have a massive effect on our brains? 3. . An incentive may be offered (as in the case of a contest, shown in the example from Mahabis below), but it’s not a necessity. Share the Writer's Life. The first 125 characters are what your followers see before having to click “see more”. In this post, we’re going to go over how to write the perfect Instagram bio for your business, organization, and brand. A live video is also dependent on people having push notifications enabled for live, and most don’t.

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