3:22. They will cross the lunar surface and steal a spaceship. The President agrees to break off diplomatic relations but will not go further without conclusive proof. At the lunar penal colony, Patel was originally called Doughty. The emperor, like the president, is hesitant. Instead of a silver emitter ring head, it now sported a red emitter ring head, with the addition of two semi-circular black magnets attached to the end, and the extending section of the screwdriver which once contained a red band and a set of alternating yellow and black coiling stripes was now unpainted in a plainly metallic colour scheme. Tags: Daleks, Draconians, Jo Grant, Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning, Master, Ogrons, Roger Delgado, The Master, Third Doctor It docks, and enters the airlock where Jo is located. BBC Doctor Who: Frontier in Space **Please see photos as they are part of the description** NO REFUNDS OR PARTIAL REFUNDS. The Doctor once served as a delegate at the, In a moment of leisure, the Master relaxes with a copy of, While distracting the Master so the Doctor can get to the outside of the ship, Jo mentions that people thought of her job at UNIT as hanging out with, The conclusion of this story ends on a cliffhanger leading straight into, An unfortunate error was made at the time of production, whereby one of the on-screen cast credit slides for episode one was inadvertently substituted for one of those from episode two. The titles for Frontier in Space were prepared, like Carnival of Monsters, with a new arrangement of the theme music performed by Paddy Kingsland on a synthesiser. Dale offers to take the Doctor back to Earth where he can tell his story to Dale's contacts in the press and government. The Ogrons stun the two pilots and the Doctor. They burst in, guns blazing, and retreat with the Master, leaving several dead Draconians in their wake. Next → The Prince is incensed that the Doctor has the temerity to address the Emperor like a Draconian noble, but the Doctor says that he is a noble of Draconia — the title was given him by the 15th Emperor, five centuries before when he aided Draconia against a plague from outer space. BBC1 As the Earth cargo ship C982 moves through hyperspace, it narrowly avoids a collision with the TARDIS, which dematerialises out of the way and rematerialises in the ship's hold. "[8] In The Television Companion (1998), David J. Howe and Stephen James Walker stated that the story worked "brilliantly", with the production design "[putting] the whole thing on a suitably grand scale". The Doctor points out, however, that the Ogrons are mercenaries. He then realises the Doctor is speaking the truth. The DVD was released in the UK (Region 2) on 5 October 2009, in Australia and New Zealand (Region 4) on 4 February 2010, and in North America on 2 March 2010. Dudley Simpson The prince, the Doctor and Jo will take the Master's police ship. Producer Barry Letts and script editor Terrance Dicks felt the sequence lacked impact and a new ending was filmed in the TARDIS as part of the first production block of the following story, Planet of the Daleks. As the two face off, they do not notice a Draconian battlecruiser approaching. This second "rescue attempt" cements Williams' suspicions. Number of episodes: After remaining unnamed for several decades, the President of Earth was finally given the name. Episode 5 uses the "Delaware" music mentioned above. The Master brings Jo to a bunker on the Ogron homeworld, where he shows her the TARDIS, which he plans to use as bait for the Doctor in addition to Jo herself. Luan Peters had previously appeared in The Macra Terror (1967) under her stage name Karol Keyes. Hayward Gallery, Belvedere Road, Lambeth, London, Beachfields Quarry, Cormongers Lane, Redhill, Surrey. With Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning, Vera Fusek, Michael Hawkins. Story number: She pockets the hypnosound, then finds a pad with the coordinates of the planet and bunker on it and transmits a distress signal with the information. The Third Doctor determines that they are in the 26th century. Ogrons had a mix of human and ape traits. Jo tries to get more guards to help, but she is arrested instead. It was the last serial to feature Roger Delgado in the role of the Master. Main enemy: When the Doctor comes, the trap will be sprung. When the Doctor revives and releases Jo, she tells him what the Ogrons did and wonders if they are working for the Daleks, as they were when she first met them. Frontier In Space (1973) While the Draconians only appear in Frontier in Space, their iconic design has propelled them into being some of Doctor Who’s most recognisable alien species. A page for describing Recap: Doctor Who S10 E3 "Frontier in Space". This means that war is not far off, and, indeed, cries for war from Earth are at a fever pitch. Known as the "Delaware" arrangement (the BBC Radiophonic Workshop was based on Delaware Road in west London), it proved unpopular with BBC executives, so the original Delia Derbyshire theme was restored, although an early edit of episode 5 still contains the "Delaware" music and was used for the VHS release. When they look at the ridge, they see the Master, accompanied by several Daleks, who exterminate Williams' men before they can fire. They tie up Jo and take the ship's cargo and the TARDIS as they leave. The Doctor, Jo and the Master are presented to the Emperor and the Doctor gives the ritual greeting, "My life at your command." Delgado's exit is particularly badly handled."[11]. Last Alteration: Sunday 07 April 2013. However, Jo's mind is strong enough to resist, and the Master orders her to be taken away. Doctor Who credits Played: Scientist Franz Schultz in The Moonbase (1967) Played: Proctor in The Time Monster (1972) Played: Kemp in Frontier in Space (1973) Career highlights Other credits include Out of the Unknown (1965), Menace (1970), Trial (1971) and Thriller (1973). The Doctor says he has vital proof for the Emperor and asks to speak to him. The Doctor tries to gain Dale's trust and includes him in his plans for escape. His ship has been detected in orbit. Their faces were flat, with a powerful jaw and small eyes. The Third Doctor and Jo are caught in the escalating tension between planets Earth and Draconia and discover that the Master and the Daleks are secretly working to provoke the two into all-out war. News of the attack spreads and anti-Draconian riots break out on Earth, with the opposition calling for the government to take action. The Cold War and the pre-World War I balance of power are the inspiration for Frontier In Space. The Doctor says he has vital evidence for the Emperor and asks to speak to him. He brings the two travellers to confront the Draconian Prince, but the Doctor denies working for the Draconians. He obtains custody of the Doctor and gets the Doctor to come along quietly by revealing that he has Jo. Williams's party lands nearby, not knowing the Ogrons have set up an ambush. In the Draconian embassy, the Prince arranges to help Jo and the Doctor "escape" so that they can be questioned. Harold Goldblatt had previously appeared with Jon Pertwee in a 1938 radio production in Belfast entitled Lillibullero, which was one of Pertwee's earliest radio performances.[3]. The Earth battlercruiser places the Doctor's ship under arrest. It is further notable as the final appearance of Roger Delgado in Doctor Who before his death. The Doctor tells Williams and the prince to get the word to their respective governments and mount a joint expedition against the base on the Ogron planet. Frontier in Space (1973) Starring: Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning, Roger Delgado. As the emperor considers this, a courtier announces that an Earth spaceship has arrived. The Emperor, like the President, is hesitant, as he knows such a war could bring down both empires. When the wiping of episodes ended in 1978 it was discovered that episodes 1, 2, 3 & 6 had only survived as black and white telerecordings for overseas sales. Despite his fantastic story, Dale believes the Doctor. Frontier in Space also marked the first time any of the Doctors enemies met, in this case the Daleks and the Master. The Daleks want to exterminate the Doctor immediately, but the Master proposes that the Doctor be placed in his hands, to be allowed to see the galaxy and Earth in ruins before they kill him. One Ogron has been knocked out by the Doctor. With Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning, Roger Delgado, Vera Fusek. The Doctor's discovery that the attacks in space were being committed by Ogrons initially came much later, after the Master had liberated him from prison. Frontier in space (Disc 1) When the TARDIS accidentally brings the Doctor and Jo aboard Earth cargo ship C982, they find it under attack. In the Draconian embassy, the Prince arranges to help Jo and the Doctor "escape" so that they can be questioned. SOLD AS IS. At the last moment, the Master arrives and restores the room's atmosphere. The peace with the Draconians lasted many years, but suddenly devolved into senseless acts of hostility. The Doctor accuses the Master of trying to start a war between Earth and Draconia using Ogrons and the hypnosound device. An Ogron reports that one of their ships found and attacked two Earth cargo ships, destroying one. The Master is delighted. The DVD booklet of the Region 2 version, in the section describing the commentary, the images of Barry Letts & Terrance Dicks are mismatched to each other's biography. Williams refuses to believe it and orders increased power, but the probe overloads. Frontier in Space es el tercer serial de la décima temporada clásica de Doctor Who. One Ogron has been knocked out by the Doctor, and as the effects of the hypnosound fade, the Emperor sees the "Earthman" before him transform into its true form. One knocks the Master's arm, making him fire, the shot grazing the Doctor's head. Their nervous systems were highly resistant to shoc… This model of the sonic screwdriver remained in use by the Doctor all the way up to his fifth incarnation midway through season 19, where it was written out of the series in The Visitation. Williams's hostility to the Draconians is well known — it was his actions that started the last war between the two — and the Prince believes Williams wants war again, a war, the Prince warns the President, that will see Earth destroyed. Season 10 actually began nine years after season 1 started. General Williams believes the Doctor and Jo are human agents planted by the Draconians to sabotage any war effort by Earth. The President orders that the Doctor be sent to the Lunar Penal Colony where political prisoners are exiled for life, while Jo remains on Earth. It was loosely connected with the following serial, Planet of the Daleks, and is significant for showing an alliance between the Master and the Daleks. He plans to use Jo and it as bait for the Doctor. 8A Fitzroy Park at Highgate, London, which was used as the exterior of the Draconian embassy, was at the time the home of another BBC director, Naomi Capon. The records "prove" the Doctor and Jo are citizens of Sirius IV and career criminals. BBC Studios 38,982 views. Production order PRINCE: Unless your Earth people destroy us. Hardy escorts them at gunpoint to the ship. There is a 75 character minimum for reviews. The two travellers get locked up again as C982 heads back to Earth. The Master shows up, revealing that the signal was muted, and only the Doctor could read it. The Prince and the Doctor subdue the Ogron, but the Master's ship catches up and a party boards the police ship. Frontier is Space is yer full-on epic space opera adventure Doctor Who-style. [13] It was released on Blu-ray as part of "The Collection - Season 10" boxed set in July 2019. He praised the Draconians and Ogrons, but felt that "the fact that the heroes spend perhaps two-thirds of the story locked up is tiresome and cannot be overlooked". The serial was first broadcast in six weekly parts on BBC1 from 24 February to 31 March 1973. The Master and the Ogrons scatter. The Master discovered the Doctor and Jo's presence when the Ogrons brought him the TARDIS. ← Previous Reunited with Jo in a cell in the Master's ship, the Doctor wonders why he is still alive. Jo manages to dig her way into the next, unlocked cell and sneak further into the bunker as Williams's ship enters orbit. Given the unsavoury choice of going with the Master or staying in her cell, Jo agrees to go with him to fetch the Doctor. The space powers of Earth and Draconia stand at the brink of war, as each seems to be guilty of pirate raids on the others' ships. General Williams believes they are human agents planted by the Draconians to sabotage any war effort by Earth. Frontier In Space VHS. A common complaint about Frontier in Space is that the Doctor and Jo spend most of the story locked up, but I thought this added to the tension. General Williams reports to the President that a mission to rescue C982 is being prepared. Hardy escorts them at gunpoint as the Draconian captain orders C982 to surrender its cargo or be destroyed. The Master puts Jo in an airlock, threatening to eject her into space if the Doctor does not surrender. However, the Master secretly activates a device whose signal is picked up by the Ogrons. The TARDIS lands inside an Earth spaceship in the far future which is attacked by Ogrons. 24 February - 31 March 1973 The Tardis arrives in the year 2540 on board an Earth Spaceship, which then comes under attack. As the two face off, they do not see a Draconian battlecruiser approaching. As the Doctor takes evasive action, the captive Ogron breaks out of its cell, overpowering its Draconian guard. The second escape goes no better than the first: the Doctor is recaptured yet again and the Ogrons disappear. Though it would sadly be Roger Delgado’s last story as the Master, Frontier in Space is one of the best Pertwee era stories and a fitting send off for one of the greatest villains in … Even though the Draconians were never seen again, they are often referenced throughout the series. Earth, The Moon, Draconia, Ogron planet, 2540 When the Draconian ship did not answer the Earth ship's hails, Williams gave the order to attack, believing that the Draconian ship was about to attack his damaged vessel. He is sending a message to the Time Lords. The Master obtains custody of the Doctor, and gets the Doctor to come along quietly by revealing that he has Jo. The Ogrons open fire on them but are frightened away by an orange, slug-like lizard they call the Eater. The Doctor's investigations take him to Earth, the Moon and then to Draconia itself. He staggers over to the console, dematerialising the ship then pressing his palms to the telepathic circuits. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the longest-running science-fiction show in the world, I’ll be taking weekly looks at some of my own personal favourite stories and arcs, from the old and new series, with a view to encapsulating the sublime, the clever and the fiendishly odd of the BBC’s Doctor Who.. Frontier in Space originally aired in 1973. The Master is furious. However, it's obviously padded in parts. He demands the president grant him the authority to strike first against the Draconians. Outside, the Ogrons raid the prison, looking like Draconians thanks to the hypnosound. Directed by Paul Bernard. Williams's crew lands the scout nearby, not knowing the Ogrons have set up an ambush. CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "BBC One - Doctor Who, Season 10, Frontier in Space - the Fourth Dimension", "Doctor Who Dalek War: Frontier in Space & Planet of the Daleks", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Frontier_in_Space&oldid=992920740, Doctor Who serials novelised by Malcolm Hulke, The Master (Doctor Who) television stories, Articles with dead external links from January 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from May 2009, All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Lawrence Davidson — Draconian First Secretary, This page was last edited on 7 December 2020, at 20:34. The final sequence in the Master's headquarters was intended to contain the giant Ogron-eating monster, but director Paul Bernard did not like the costume and omitted it, leaving the scene with just frightened Ogrons running away from something unseen. The Ogrons open fire on the landing party, but are frightened away by an orange, slug-like lizard they call the Eater. However, as the Doctor can provide no reason why someone would want to or any evidence to support his claim, Williams orders him and Jo be taken away and vows he will get the truth out of them. Watch 338 Doctor Who Classic - S10E03 - Partie 01 - Frontier in Space - Captain Streaming on Dailymotion Refusing to believe it, Williams orders increased power, but eventually the probe overloads. Ogrons had immense strength, far greater than a human. Williams now intends to lead the expedition to the Ogron planet himself. The serial is set on the Earth, the Moon, Draconia, and the home planet of the Ogrons in the 26th century. They break into the Doctor's cell and order him to go with them. The Doctor takes him by surprise. When he comes, the trap will be sprung. Third Doctor DOCTOR: Well, it looks like another spaceship. The story also saw the first use of a refitted version of the sonic screwdriver model which debuted in Colony in Space. An unabridged reading of the novelisation by actor Geoffrey Beevers was released on CD in February 2008 by BBC Audiobooks. But when she helps him getting inside the TARDIS, the gun disappears. In the scene selection for episode two, the image used for chapter 6 actually comes from episode three. Premiere broadcast: He tries to hypnotise Jo, first with his own powers and then with the hypnosound. A caption slide from the end credits of Episode One was reused accidentally for Episode Two.

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