Welcome to The Copenhagen Metro - Follow the Danish Health Authority's recommendations when you travel by Metro Read about the special measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus/Covid-19 Coronavirus/Covid-19 At all other tim… Do you want to purchase advertising space in the metro. Metroselskabet is a partnership, owned jointly by the City of Copenhagen (50 %), the Danish Government (41.7 %) and the City of Frederiksberg (8.3 %). The operation and maintenance of the Metro is handled by Metro Service A/S. If you have questions regarding The Copenhagen Metro, you can contact us by filling in this form. Metro Service er den førende operatør af metro- og letbanesystemer i København. Contact The Copenhagen Metro. Take the train or the metro. for the Copenhagen Metro lines, operated by Metro Service A/S. Of Metro Service's total investment value in 2019, 28 % is estimated to have a positive CSR effect. Single tickets and City Passes can be purchased from all the metro stations. The metro is in service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Head of Communications Lise Hein T: +45 72 42 46 02 E: [email protected] . At night there are 7-20 minutes between trains. Understand Copenhagen's public transport system and learn which means of transport to use and when. Metro Service provides operation, maintenance and customer service in one combined package for transport providers. It is a gateway to all public transportation in and out and around Copenhagen. We have designed a privacy policy to ensure that your personal information is handled properly and correctly in accordance with the applicable personal data regulation and personal data law. The Nordhavn branch was approved by the Danish Parliament in 2012 and was opened on 28 March 2020. The metro will provide services to major areas of Copenhagen such as Danish Parliament, the Central Station, City Hall, and the S-train and metro stations. Om Metroen. It will also provide passengers with acces… With a City Pass you get unlimited travel in the central of Copenhagen. The ride takes appromixately 12 minutes. Mandag - fredag. Our approximately 550 employees work around the clock. A high service availability and a good service give the passengers a fast, safe, and comfortable journey - each day. This is more than 14 million more passengers compared to 2018 and the highest number since the metro opened in 2002. Copenhagen Metro, Light Rail and Metro Project, Denmark. The network's total length is 15.5 kilometres (9.6 mi) and has 17 stations. Metro Service A/S (Metrovej 3, 2300 Copenhagen S) is the data responsible for your personal information when you apply for a job with us. If you want to see exactly how the various lines of the Copenhagen Metro and S-toget fit together, look at this overall Copenhagen Zone map with the new metro and the S-trains all together: Get your own map. The M4 (the Harbour Line) of the Copenhagen Metro connecting Nordhavn in the north with Sydhavn in the south. A high service availability and a good service give the passengers a fast, safe, and comfortable journey - each day. The Copenhagen Card is valid for 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours. 08:00 - 16.00. About us. Metroselskabet I/S (The Copenhagen Metro) T: +45 7242 4901 (NB. Copenhagen Metro rapid transit railway in Copenhagen, Denmark ... Copenhagen Municipality, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark : Operator: Metro Service A/S; Has part: M1; M2; City Circle Line; Nordhavn Metro; Inception: 19 October 2002; Date of official opening: 19 October 2002; official website: Authority control The line was built along with M1 as part of the redevelopment of Ørestad. Ofte Stillede Spørgsmål. When you click further on to the site, you also accept our cookie policy. 1,435 mm ( 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) Electrification. The Copenhagen Metro (Metroselskabet I/S), which is owned by the State, Copenhagen and Frederiksberg Municipalities, has the overall responsibility for the operation of the Metro, but the daily operations is handled by a private operator. Kundeservice: 70 15 70 00. A range of different technicians are making sure that the tracks and trains are always up to speed. With a City Pass you get unlimited travel in the central of Copenhagen. With the opening of the Metro's new M3 Cityring line, people in Copenhagen have a new way of getting around. It runs round the clock seven days a week, and there are only 2-4 minutes between trains during rush hours and 3-6 minutes outside rush hour and on weekends. Please note: customer service inquiries are handled by the transport collaboration called DOT. Metroselskabet I/S (The Copenhagen Metro) Metroselskabet was founded on 26 October 2007 under the provisions of the Act regarding Metroselskabet I/S and Arealudviklingsselskabet I/S. Copenhagen’s public transportation network is one of the best in the world! We hold the contracts to operate and maintain the current metro lines M1+M2+M3 Cityringen and the M4 that opened in the spring of 2020. Metro Service is the operator of choice for metro and light rail systems in Copenhagen. Kundeservice: 70 15 70 00. Are you already a supplier then have a look here. 08:00 - 16.00. Copenhagen S As a data controller Nordea Bank Abp processes personal data to deliver the products and services that are agreed between the parties and for other purposes, such as to help you with your request or comply with laws and other regulations. During rush hour (07:00–10:00 and 15:00–18:00), there is a two-minute headway on the common section and a four-minute headway on the single-service sections. Since 2008 I have been Managing Director for Metro Service, operating the award-winning driverless metro in Copenhagen, a joint venture between Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (the second largest public transport operator in Italy) and Ansaldo STS (world leader in delivering driverless metros). The central part of the line shares tracks with the City Circle Line (M3).. Metro Service A/S is a privately owned company run by a, Claudio Cassarino, Maintenance Director Jimmy Jensen, Operations Director Lars Toft Krag, HSQE Director and Betriebsleiter Nicola De Negri, HR & Communications Director Thuri Didriksen. Ofte Stillede Spørgsmål. Vi har kontrakterne på drift og vedligehold af de nuværende metrolinjer M1+M2+M3 Cityringen og så M4, som er åbnet i 2020. In case of planned changes or disruptions of the service, the passengers are kept informed by the Control Room via displays on the stations, speakers on the trains and via Twitter. Tickets can be purchased at the platform or the metro … Nyheder ... Ny guide fra Wonderful Copenhagen kan give din efterårsferie et tiltrængt skud energi. Ofte Stillede Spørgsmål. The project gained momentum through the area to be covered not being on the city's S-tog suburban heavy rail network. Among other tasks they are there to assist the passengers, ensure safety and check tickets. Both Nordhavn and Sydhavn are … Safety Management activities such as; Safety Risk Assessments, Lead Auditing, Incident Investigations, Safety Procedures, Safety Promotion etc. Learn More about the Copenhagen Metro The symbol of the Copenhagen Metro is the white trains running both above and underground, servicing approximately 50 million passengers each year. You can e.g. Cookiepolitik Metro Service' privatlivs og persondatapolitik Nyhedsbrevet Byen Rundt. The Copenhagen Metro is a rapid transit system in Copenhagen, Denmark. Are you considering becoming a new supplier to Metro Service? It is expected to be accessed by approximately 240,000 passengers a day. The City Circle Line (Danish: Cityringen) or M3 is a loop line of the Copenhagen Metro.It has been claimed by COWI A/S that the City Circle Line is the largest construction project to have taken place in Copenhagen during the last 400 years. This means that Metro Service, in addition to running the train operation itself every day, cleans trains and stations, repairs and checks train equipment, ensures that the correct signage is in place at all trains and at stations, checks tickets and provides customer service both in the system and by telephone and online. Mandag - fredag. In 2019 the M3 Cityring opened which attrached a lot of extra passengers. The record was broken - again - in 2019, when 78,8 million passengers travelled the metro. Metro Service A/S has also won the contract to operate the Greater Copenhagen Light Rail (Hovedstadens Letbane) expected to open in 2025, and we continue to … The line opened in several stages between 2002 and … Presse Coordinator Kåre Møller Madsen Presse Consulent Nete Engbo Kamper. From airport to city centre in 12 minutes. So far this year, the service availability has been recorded at 98.6% - with headway down to approximately 120 seconds - all this running on a 24/7 service. The line is elevated while traveling through Ørestad, while it … You can read more in our CSR-report on the tab About Us/CSR. Metro Service A/S 1 Virksomhedsoplysninger Entity details Virksomhedsoplysninger / Entity details Virksomhed Entity Metro Service A/S Metro Service A/S Metrovej 3 Metrovej 3 2300 København S DK-2300 Copenhagen S CVR-nr. The tracks are inspected frequently, and once a year they are polished to make the journey smoother and to minimize the noise from the trains. 97 % of our passengers were in 2019 satisfied or very satisfied with our compliance with the timetable. Please use the form on the DOT website. Metro Service is responsible for ensuring that the Metro operates on time, by providing good service and by ensuring that the trains are maintained and cleaned daily. Do you need to deliver or pick-up goods at Metro Service? About the Metro, buses and S-trains. The company Metro ServiceMetro Service A/S is a privately owned company run by a Executive Management Team consisting of Managing Director Claudio Cassarino, Maintenance Director Jimmy Jensen, Operations Director Lars Toft Krag, HSQE Director and Betriebsleiter Nicola De Negri, HR & Communications Director Thuri Didriksen, Customer Service Director Karen Rønberg og Project & Engineering Director Luca Meregalli. M2 is a line of the Copenhagen Metro, colored yellow on the map. Furthermore, we allow Google Analytics to collect cookies for creating statistics about the visits to our website. You can easily and inexpensively get access with a City Pass. We use cookies to give you a good experience and to collect statistics, which can help us improve the user experience. Metro Service A/S was founded in 1998Metro Service is a joint venture between Italian ATM (Azienda Tranporti Milanesi) and Hitachi Rail STS. The largest group of employees in Metro Service is the stewards, who you will meet on platforms and in trains. They take care of tasks from providing passenger service, over train repair, to develping safety procedures on all four lines M1+M2+M3+M4 in Copenhagen. Metro Copenhagen’s metro runs from Vanløse to the outskirts of the city via Copenhagen city center to the airport and Vestamager. Copenhagen Central Station. We are a transport, development and construction company.

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