However, when Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private arrived, they unknowingly stole all his glory due to their cuteness and he was forcibly removed from his home. Officer X is shown to have a superhuman level of strength, crushing a small metal cage with his bare hands and defeating Joey, who even the penguins could not easily beat, head on, leading Skipper to say Officer X cannot be human. She is a big-game hunter and has extraordinary tracking skills, as well as superhuman strength and a habit of mounting the heads of every animal she has caught on her wall. Mike (voiced by Zand Broumand) is a member of the Broches. Rob returns years later to reconcile, but secretly plans revenge - revealing that he has aged and lost his good looks, he plans to transplant Julien's face to his own. Savio returned as an enemy in "All Tied Up With a Boa", intending to eat the penguins, the lemurs, and Marlene in revenge for their previous defeat- subsequently intending to regurgitate them and eat them in reverse order to his previous consumption- after immobilising Burt by sending a mouse to the zoo to trick him into running into a wall in panic, but Julien managed to escape by hiding in the popcorn machine and becoming covered in butter, his slippery form resulting in Savio becoming tied up in knots, covered in butter, and sent back to Hoboken. After that, Chew was defeated by Skipper, Kowalski and Rico, who had set out to rescue Private. Somehow she wound up getting all the fish for herself by the end of the episode. In his debut episode "Can't Touch This," one kid in particular hits him and rips his fur until finally Randy cannot stand the torture any longer resulting in Randy biting the kid. But her biggest trick of all will be casting a spell on King Julien, who is instantly smitten with her. He is the self-proclaimed "King of the Zoo" no doubt due to his former king status on Madagascar. He wears a diaper and he and the other lemurs make fun of diaper-less lemurs like Ted and Dorothy. King Julien has the weapon and sees that Karl has Mort in his clutches and says that he has one shot, him or Mort. In this episode, she stole Julien's groove after he skunk-bombed her. Unfortunately, his enjoyment brings on his killer instincts, causing him to attack the resident lemurs and his friends, including Marty. The two are attacked by a super-enlarged Mort in the episode "Mort Unbound" in order for him to get King Julien's stolen mango back.[20]. He is often seen in scenes taking place in Heaven, where he has a rematch against Clover's grandmother Rose. In the episode "Crown Fools", Julien panics when he loses his crown and obsessively longs for it until it is revealed that he had a spare crown all along (prompting Marlene, who was trying to make him new crowns all day, to chase him with a crowbar). He was overprotective of the egg in the episode "Paternal Egg-Stinct", though given how his team mates were treating it (Skipper put it through a dangerous obstacle course, Kowalski tried shock treatments to increase its intelligence, and Rico was flying it with a hang glider), this was rational. In order to keep the fossa safe, Julien wanted Savio to eat him instead, but the fossa attacked Savio to protect Julien, much to the penguins' disappointment. Clover tells Julien's uncle what happened and says the kingdom is happy for the first time in a long time and vows to help improve when Julien comes back. [1], McGrath also described, during the research of Madagascar, they "found these crazy, weird animals that were already cartoons in their own right."[1]. In King Julien Superstar, Timo helped King Julien and the gang become famous superstars by "tuning" their voices to sound good.[22]. This causes Julien to hire Todd to his "posse", and fire Clover and Maurice to replace them by a puppet operated by Pancho. Dave used to be one of the top attractions at the Central Park Zoo, in which time he entertained children with his clever and funny tricks. Skipper being paranoid often comes up due to his theories, and whether or not he's right depends on the episode. In "Maurice at Peace," it is implied that they were accidentally smothered by the others due to a misinterpretation of a message which actually said to smother them with affection. Bada and Bing (voiced by John DiMaggio and Kevin Michael Richardson in Brooklyn accents) are giant eastern lowland gorillas. Julien exclaims "these stitions are super," and tries to get the penguins to believe in the supernatural. She told Julien's uncle that the king of the lemurs would be eaten by the Foosa. Alex with a little help from Mort, cuts the rope and saves Melman. Marty likes seaweed on a stick. He is found by humans who renamed him Alex and took him to the Central Park Zoo. Pam Simonsworthington, voiced by Grey DeLisle, is a ridiculously fast female ring-tailed mongoose who wears goggles. In a flashback in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, there is a hint that he had a crush on Gloria as a child (as he seems uncomfortable when she comments that Alex is cute). He nearly eats Julien when he mistakes him for a peanut. Alex is determined to get back home and tries to fix the plane but fails. Like the rest of the penguins, he has no idea what is expected of the penguin species, other than to "smile and wave." Skipper is the leader of the adélie penguins (despite their color-schemes not matching the real species) and is the main character in the TV show. In "One More Cup," it is revealed that Karl survived and returned where he hooked the whole kingdom on caffeine which was part of his plan. He has brown and yellow fur, white whiskers, a black nose, a large, fluffy mane, and a long tufted tail. Among the animals of Circus Zaragoza are: Vitaly is a muscular Siberian tiger with a Russian accent who leads a traveling circus in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. After joining the circus, the trio of lemurs fall into a crate holding Sonya the bear. TY Beanie Baby Madagascar - Gloria-Hippo 4.2 out of 5 stars 7. She appears in the episode "Roomies" where she is transferred into Marlene's habitat. He fights with the penguins who are protecting three cockroaches that Rico befriended. It is revealed in 'King Julien Superstar' that he is also known as DJ Glitter-Bunz. Consequently, King Julien tends to blame Willie for things he is not even responsible for. Mort (who had suspected Clemson was evil since he arrived) found out that Clemson was planning to ship Julien to the Hoboken Zoo so that he could take over as king. Skipper distracted Blowhole while the penguins took out the source of the monster's power. Grandpa Mort (voiced by Frank Welker) is a wizened old mouse lemur. He apparently had a "personal problem" of eating babies, but has reformed. After being transferred to the Central Park Zoo, Clemson tried to replace Maurice as Julien's right hand man by constantly pampering him. When Alex and his friends plead with the circus to let them escape on their train, Vitaly is the most resistant, only to be overruled by Gia. Skipper orders Rico to pick the lock on the crate where they are held, whereupon the four penguins knock out the crew and take command of the ship, commandeering it to reach Antarctica. After the water was restored, he still refused to allow Zuba and Alex to return from banishment. During "Huffin & Puffin", he appeared in New York, initially apparently wanting to make peace with Skipper, before his true agenda was revealed to be his attempt to take control of the Penguins' lair for revenge. In Exiled, she seems to have abandoned her old boss and moved to an island inhabited with female lemurs, capturing travelers to sacrifice them to a tentacle beast. She agrees to give them one after they got her peanuts through a series of additional tasks. As a hippo, Gloria had a passive nature when it came to most problems, and serves as the voice of reason for her friends. and "I'm not crazy!". Karl returns, finding them, and tries to destroy them when the jumping rats break through the door demanding a raise from their boss, even the ones cornering Julien, Maurice, and Clover. While in the crate, Kowalski confessed that he could not read (he said the words on the side of the box were an "older code", in slight reference to Return of the Jedi) and asked another transferee, a chimpanzee named Phil, to read the words on the crate. $14.95. His catchphrase is shouting "Operating out of a CAAAVEEE!" [3] Private has been known to be a rather curious penguin and is much nicer and down-to-earth than the others. $29.44. Stefano is a sea lion with an Italian accent and curly whiskers. They are typically cited for the nature of their demise or a mistake they made as an example of what can happen if one lets their guard down or neglects their training. Uncle Julien orders Clover to destroy Mort, but Mort says he'd rather be destroyed by "his King Julien" and runs off crying. Ultimately, Alex is able to make amends by picking Marty out of the herd (later revealed to be due to the bite mark left on his backside from the previous film, and the fact that he is black with white stripes, while the other zebras are all white with black stripes.) Darla (voiced by Grey DeLisle in a Western accent) is a very tough, unfriendly, aggressive, tomboyish, determined but also kind-hearted, sweet and caring Guinea baboon. Todd is often nervous and has a tic, and when he snaps he can be a terrifying force which can even frighten Mountain lemurs. In "Friend in a Box" Kowalski points a mind-reading device at him which, despite seeming to function perfectly for the other three penguins, picks up only the word 'Fish' being thought by Rico. Maurice was suspicious of Alex, a lion, thinking him to be potentially dangerous. "Nicolas, cage them." When he is about to blast the penguins with the Diaboligizer, he misfires, causing it to hit King Julien's MP3 player infused with Kowalski's experimental power cell (which Julien foolishly thought was a battery). He is the antithesis of his sibling - cruel, domineering, aggressive and manipulative. Smiffy's Childs Madagascar Gloria The Hippo Onesie Fancy Dress Costume 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. Doctor Blowhole is first mentioned in "Eclipsed", when Skipper brings up his plan to extinguish the sun; this is because the sun was covered by a solar eclipse and, before Mason, Phil, and Kowalski mentioned it, Skipper believed he finally succeeded. The penguins deny that fortune cookies have any power, despite receiving three accurate fortunes, and dismiss it as superstition. He has a long squirrel-like bushy tail. As a hippopotamus, Gloria is another animal in the Central Park Zoo and was one of the many attractions, drawing crowds that enjoyed seeing her swim about in her water tank. When King Julien saves the captured lemurs, he got bitten on the butt and is still alive. Gloria's reaction to Melman's profession of love In the show, many things are revealed about him and it expands on his character from the movies. She admits to Clover that she was always jealous of her being more successful, and hence tried to prove herself by taking away the things Clover gained - like Sage. She is domineering and in every competition tries to push Todd into the foreground, even cheating if it is necessary. He strives to be unique, which proves difficult when he meets his own kind in Africa, who look and act almost exactly the same. I asked you to talk to him! Unfortunately for them, the penguins never noticed their desperate pleas and swam away saying they were never going to come back ever again. Later, Uncle King Julien falls in love with her and she's smitten with him. In the episode “Get Off My Lawn,” he slyly sells all the lemurs in the kingdom protection scorpions, leaving Clover without a job. [1] Afterward, the crew returned to the scene where Mason notes Tom Wolfe's lecture, and she signed "Can we throw our poo at his stupid white suit? In The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper, she is shown to be aggressive with anyone, no matter how courteous people are with her. Nana seems to be incredibly resistant to injury, as she was able to have another fight with Alex right after being tugged out of the back of a speeding tour Jeep as well as being thrown through the windshield a second time by the penguins, who reversed over her in the jeep after noticing that she did not die. She wishes for Kowalski to help her free her brother Francis from captivity along with a platypus named Parker. Later, he builds a pump to funnel the sewage underground, with disastrous results. Makunga tricked Alex by suggesting that he goes up against Teetsi. Though Mort only has vague memories of him, he indeed seems to be his grandfather, but was imprisoned decades ago due to conspiring against one of King Julien's ancestors. This causes doubt about his role as alpha lion, and almost every animal on the reserve wants Zuba back. This beautiful, smart and loving hippo sure knows how to perfect the sweetest of swan dives, whilst still being a tough New Yorker gal through and through. Efficient Charlie was not seen again, but he was mentioned in the episode 'The Jungle Games' when Xixi said that Charlie should have been in during spear throwing instead of Clumsy Pete. After the penguins and Parker follow Doris to Seaville, they get to Francis' exhibit where it is revealed he is none other than Dr. Blowhole, who has forgotten who he really is and thinks he's Flippy because of his memories being wiped out and is now happily performing tricks for people. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. Skipper calls him Classified, who states his name isn't really "Classified". Dr. Blowhole is mentioned in the episode "Eclipsed". He also lost his mustache in this episode. In "Truth Ache," it is revealed that Bing sleeps with a stuffed rabbit named Mr. Bunny. He is described by Private and Skipper as being "pure evil, with skin that's surprisingly pleasant to the touch", which Blowhole claims is because he always moisturizes. By the end of the season, he marries the mountain lemur Zora but later break up in Season 5. Crimson leaves a trail of destruction everywhere she goes and she wants to marry and then murder King Julien, then move on to another lemur to do the same thing. According to the box, they are all bound for a wildlife preserve in Africa, despite the cold climate penguins need. Private is the youngest and shortest of the penguins. It has been noted that his inventions have a habit of horribly backfiring regardless of his best intentions or their successes. The Dancing Dogs consist of Frankie the Entlebucher Mountain Dog (voiced by Nick Fletcher), Freddie the Great Dane (voiced by Vinnie Jones), Jonesy the Bernese Mountain Dog (voiced by Steve Jones), Shakey the Brown Bernese Mountain Dog (voiced by Jules de Jongh), Bobby the Beagle, and Sammy the Dachshund. At the end of the season, Koto arrives with his mountain lemur army and conquers King Julien's kingdom, as well as the neighbouring ones like the rats or the crocodiles. However, in "Needle Point", it is revealed that he has a fear of needles, so in later episodes if he's injured he's treated with medical cream or the like. But DuBois is still determined to get Alex's head and is taking Stefano. However, she might have human intelligence. Skipper has mentioned that there used to be two more penguins (Manfredi and Johnson, named for two ill-fated characters in the World War II prisoner-of-war saga Stalag 17) in addition to himself and the other three; this is unconfirmed, and these claims have never been adequately explained. Marlene (voiced by Nicole Sullivan in normal form, Dee Bradley Baker in wild form) is the Central Park Zoo's only resident Oriental small-clawed otterwith primarily brown fur, with a white chest, face, and right foot. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. The crates were all placed on a ship bound for Africa, where all the creatures from the zoo would be kept in a wildlife preserve. When the animals nearly die trying to fly back to New York in a salvaged airplane, he screams he is in love with Gloria; but she is asleep and does not hear him. He and his wife vowed to get King Julien off his throne to avenge the "death" of Banana Guy Mike. His personality is snarky, rude, selfish, and usually gets in fights with The Penguins. She again crosses paths with Alex, then fights him, and wins again, although Alex puts up much more of a fight this time (although Alex confesses to his friends that he actually only did it to distract her to get her bag, making Nana's victory unofficial). Nana does not hear the fight, but after she sees the damage (following hearing Rico's dynamite stick going off), she blames Mr. Chew for destroying her apartment and puts him on a big "time out". When Alex is caught, Marty gets the other animals to help rescue him. During the events of "Exiled", it is revealed that Mort is an immortal transdimentional being and all of his alternate personalities are dimensional counterparts who he defeated and absorbed their life essence. When the other foosa rebel and tie the two to a tree, Horst reveals that due to the many scarring he received while romancing Mary Ann, he can contort and mangle his body to escape his bonds, impressing Mary Ann, who declares her love for him before leaving to restore order amongst the foosa. During Exiled, he works with Mort to organize the resistance against Koto. Masikura (voiced by Debra Wilson) is a psychic chameleon who appears once you call her. ", The Red Squirrel (voiced by Jeff Bennett) is an evil red squirrel who appears in the episodes "The Red Squirrel," "A Visit From Uncle Nigel," "Our Man in Grrfurjiclestan," and "Nuts to You. The Penguins are a group of NYC adélie penguin spies. They agree, but Clover changes her mind and captures Fred and Sage. How confident are you in finding a size that will fit you well? He even complains about having brown spots on his neck (the spots, in real life, are natural). , , Sonic Stantz (8:45:58 PM): "You ain't getting away this time bug!" The London performance was better and they go to America. At first, Private refuses to fight him. The fossa (voiced by Tom McGrath and Eric Darnell in the film, various voices in All Hail King Julien) appear as medium-sized weasel-like creatures, closely related to mongoose, and rarely speak, instead usually growling and yelping. It is revealed though that he himself engineered the beast attacks by feeding gecko milk to King Julien, which causes an allergic transformation in the Julien bloodline. She appears again, as an ally this time, in "The Hoboken Surprise" where she Hans, Clemson, Lulu and Savio help the penguins fight off animal androids in the Hoboken Zoo. With the help of Mort (who became intelligent from the coffee), they plan to destroy Karl's coffee supply. Alex ended up defeated by Teetsi. Unlike his uncle, Julien treats her with a lot more respect (for example at the end of episode one he points out that he noticed she was the only one of the guards who didn't run away and because of that his promoting her to commander). He is saved at the last moment, when Gloria tells him that she loves him back, and the two become a couple; it becomes apparent the "brown spot" was not fatal (the previous Witch Doctor is found alive and well, the brown spot in fact being a natural giraffe spot); however, there is not a scene where Melman is told of this. Roy (voiced by Danny Jacobs) is a short-tempered white rhinoceros, appearing predominantly as an extra zoo animal for the majority of the series. Alex enjoys his life at the zoo and has plenty of friends and is surprised when hearing Marty's wish to leave and live in the wild (or run free in Connecticut as stated in the movie). According to the DVD commentary, she took Makunga back to New York with her in a kitty cage. [17] In "Miss Understanding", she remarked to a know-it-all kid that the zoo had three male penguins and one female, which turned out to be false (not that she knew or cared, either of which could be true). Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Smiffy's Childs Madagascar Gloria The Hippo Onesie Fancy Dress Costume. A running gag is that she acts like she is talking with someone through a radio earpiece. For most of the series, she only appears as a background zoo animal. Only Mort and Maurice truly believe and respect him as their king, the rest just show up to his "proclamation of royal decrees." This all turns out to be a ruse, to keep Julien busy while Karl prepares his ultimate weapon, the Karl-Star to destroy Madagascar with lasers. He knew that Alex would need to eat meat, and felt that Alex should leave and go to the carnivore side of the island. The penguins cure him by making him watch The Lunacorns, and save him from the sewer rats, whom he had attacked earlier. Marty also becomes upset when Alex is unable to tell him apart from the other zebras. By being in first class, he escapes the crash with a parachute but loses his crown. In "Viva Mort," Abner and Becca have started the Lemur Alliance Liberation Army to get revenge on King Julien. Since King Julien was being hospitalized, Mort was temporarily the king. Gloria is the tetartagonist in Madagascar, a major character of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and a supporting character of Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted and Madagascar 4: Asia Getaway.She is the sole female of the quartet and acts as a motherly figure to the males (at least until she becomes Melman's love interest). When he returned, Julien XII tricks Julien XIII into going into the Fossa territory to find out what they're planning with Maurice joining him. Their marriage is revealed in the episode "Diapers are the New Black". The exact method of their demise varies in each instance and in some cases are contradictory: killed by an exploding trap, killed by flying piranhas, losing vital internal organs, etc.

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