[33] Fernández de Kirchner was the second female president of Argentina, after Isabel Martínez de Perón but, unlike Perón, was elected to the office, whereas Isabel Perón was elected Juan Perón's vice president, and automatically assumed the presidency on his death. [91] The Noble siblings tests in 2011 were negative,[89] and the case was closed in January 2016, after Kirchner left the presidency. About US$1 million of her assets was frozen while Bonadio investigated the case. She said this a few days after accusing the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant of similar assassination plans against her. The Kirchners lost the majority of Congress as a result of the election. [109] The Falkland Islands celebrated a sovereignty referendum in 2013, where 99.8% voted to remain a British territory, with only three votes against. As Paraguay rejected the incorporation of Venezuela into the Mercosur trade bloc, she took advantage of the impeachment of Fernando Lugo to claim that Paraguay had suffered a coup d'état and proposed to temporarily remove the country from the bloc. pic.twitter.com/qa9MrjUfZK. 26/05/20 | JUSTICE, Un député LREM de l'Ain condamné pour harcèlement sexuel, 15/09/20 | SOCIETE. She took advantage of the hearing to organize her first political rally since leaving power. [43], Fernández resigned after the Kirchnerist defeat in the 2009 elections, and was replaced by Amado Boudou, president of the ANSES which had worked for that nationalization. Que risque-t-on à diffuser des images sexuelles d’autrui sans son accord ? AUTONOMISATION DES FEMMES: Ce qu’en dit le président Macky Sall. [16] Cristina and Néstor married in a civil ceremony on 9 May 1975. [23] Forced disappearances were common at the time, but unlike other lawyers the Kirchners never signed a habeas corpus. [30], The presidential election was held on 28 October 2007. Monde Un député argentin embrasse le sein de sa femme pendant une visioconférence. la femme du président argentin Une opération de l'armée colombienne pour libérer l'otage des Farc aurait échoué il y a une quinzaine de jours, le camp ayant été retrouvé vide. [111] On the day before his inauguration as pope, Bergoglio, now Francis, had a private meeting with Kirchner. [107] British Prime minister David Cameron rejected her comments. Cristina Fernández was born on 19 February 1953 at Tolosa, a suburb of La Plata, capital of the Buenos Aires Province. Seeking to reverse their declining popularity, Néstor Kirchner led the list for deputy candidates at the Buenos Aires province. En 2018, sous le mandat de l'ex-président Mauricio Macri (2015-2019), les débats au Parlement avaient déclenché de très nombreuses manifestations pour et contre la légalisation. She was re-elected with 54% of the vote, followed by socialist Hermes Binner, 37 points behind her. 43 minutes depuis. Sur l’écran géant installé au Parlement, lors de ces séances où seuls une partie des députés sont présents physiquement et alors que l’un d’entre eux a pris la parole, une femme apparaît sur la vignette d’écran au côté de Juan Emilio Ameri, qui l’enserre de son bras. [20], Néstor established a law firm that Cristina joined in 1979. The president took more than an hour to congratulate him, and only did so in a passing reference within a routine speech. Three pharmaceutical businessmen, Sebastián Forza, Damián Ferrón, and Leopoldo Bina, were found dead in 2008, a case known as the "Triple Crime". She is also being investigated for her role in "The Route of the K-Money" scandal. She met fellow student Néstor Kirchner in 1973. [128] Esteban Bullrich was the candidate of Cambiemos. He could not determine the length of her treatment or the medicine she received, or whether another psychiatrist continued treating her or not. It was criticized as an authoritarian move, as there was no negotiation with Repsol. [80] This money was illegally provided by Petróleos de Venezuela, the state oil company, to be used for Kirchner's 2007 general election campaign. [12][13] On 30 September 2020, the federal criminal cassation court confirmed the corruption trials of Kirchner, ruling the former president’s objections to be inadmissible.[14]. [88], The Fernández de Kirchner presidency continued the trials of military personnel involved in the Dirty War started by her husband. [115], Mauricio Macri, mayor of Buenos Aires, was elected president in the 2015 presidential elections, defeating the Kirchnerist candidate Daniel Scioli in a ballotage. Journalist Nelson Castro investigated further and discovered that the psychiatrist was Alejandro Lagomarsino, who died in 2011. It was not called by specific politicians or social leaders, but by the public using social networks. Pour la première fois, un président en place s'investit directement sur le sujet de l'avortement en Argentine. [citation needed] [121] The case presented by Nisman was finally opened for investigation in December 2016. [142] Laclau's vision of the people has been criticized by other writers[who?] [73] A similar view was held by Kirchner's loyalists. [35] Their marriage has been compared with those of Juan and Eva Perón and Bill and Hillary Clinton. The court extended the inunction. He arranged payment of the debt to the Paris Club, and the compensation requested by Repsol for the nationalization of YPF. C’est un problème de santé publique très grave », avait déclaré le président Alberto Fernandez, évoquant les 3000 femmes décédées depuis 1983 des suites d’avortements clandestins. Ideologically, she identifies herself as a Peronist and a social democrat on the Argentine center-left, with her political approach called Kirchnerism. [56] Kicillof refused to agree that the country had fallen into a sovereign default. pic.twitter.com/K3fkHge5oG. [87] Báez is also linked with the Kirchners to the Hotesur scandal, a suspected case of money laundering. However, as a sitting senator, she enjoyed immunity from prosecution. [145], Kirchner's health first became a topic of public concern in 2005 when Noticias magazine reported that she might suffer from bipolar disorder. [52] Hugo Moyano, main union leader, who was a strong supporter of kirchnerism, began to oppose the President. 18 December 1810 26 August 1811 President of the Junta Grande. [55] One month later, negotiations with hedge funds failed, and American judge Thomas Griesa issued an order that Argentina had to pay to all creditors and not just those who had accepted a reduced payment as outlined in the Argentine debt restructuring plan. Businessman Leonardo Fariña said in an interview that he helped businessman Lázaro Báez to divert money from public works, and take it to a financial firm located in the Madero Center luxury hotel. « Je vais attendre que mes pairs décident en commission et je verrai ensuite », a-t-il dit, se défendant à nouveau d’un « regrettable accident » dû « à une mauvaise connexion » Internet. Her mother got them administrative jobs at her union. Il semblerait que la tendance ait quelque peu changé en 2020. [18] She registered at the Tribunal Superior de Justicia of Santa Cruz in 1980, the Comodoro Rivadavia's chamber of appeals in 1985 and worked as an attorney for the Justicialist Party in 1983. Monde Un député argentin embrasse le sein de sa femme pendant une visioconférence. They had lost that majority in the 2009 elections. "Le dije a mi pareja, a ver como te quedó la operación y le besé las tetas" "Tengo mala conexión y pensé que estaba fuera". [71], Buenos Aires and La Plata suffered floods in April, resulting in more than 70 deaths. However, YPF was unable to afford the costs to exploit the oil at the site, and the rights to drill at Vaca Muerta were sold to the Chevron Corporation. Three bills were controversial: the first proposed to limit injunctions against the state; the second would include people selected in national elections on the body that appoints or removes judges; the third would create a new court that would limit the number of cases heard by the Supreme Court. She opposed some bills proposed by Menem, such as a treaty with Chilean president Patricio Aylwin that benefited Chile in a dispute over the Argentina–Chile border. Choix de consentement © Copyright 20 Minutes - La fréquentation de 20 Minutes est certifiée par l’ACPM, Les perspectives économiques mondiales moins catastrophiques que prévu, estime le FMI, Bolivie : Le gouvernement de transition accuse Morales d’une liaison avec une mineure, Un député argentin embrasse le sein de sa femme pendant une visioconférence, La visioconférence a été suspendue après que le représentant a embrassé le sein nu de la jeune femme, présente à côté de lui, S’inscrire aux newsletters de 20 Minutes, - La fréquentation de 20 Minutes est certifiée par l’ACPM, Résultats régionales et départementales. [50] Hernán Lorenzino became the new minister of economy. [77], Prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who worked on the investigation of the 1994 Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (Argentine- Israeli Mutual Association) AMIA bombing, accused Kirchner of engaging in a criminal, cover-up conspiracy to cover up the attack. [94] On the other hand, the country's largest selling newspaper Clarín, published by the Clarín Group, is not aligned with the government. Her first term of office started with a conflict with the agricultural sector, and her proposed taxation system was rejected. A victory at the 2013 midterm elections would have given such majority, but the party was defeated in most provinces. [72] Journalist Jorge Lanata explained the polarization was because the government and its supporters thought they were engaged in a revolution, and this justified being against freedom of the press and other public rights. US State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley said that they were standard tools used in counter-terrorism tactics which were being taught to the Argentine police during the joint operation, and asked for the return of the seized materials. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner faced several charges in court after leaving office. The operation was carried out by the Central Bank, but judge Claudio Bonadio believes Fernández de Kirchner is the instigator. Under these circumstances, she sought a lower profile in Congress. Meanwhile in Argentina: During a virtual Congress session, lawmaker Juan Emilio Ameri pulled down his partner's shirt and started kissing her breasts. This idea was proposed by the constitutionalist Daniel Sabsay, and fueled by the reluctance of the National University of La Plata (UNLP) to release her degree. — Mis à jour le 25/09/20 à 12h52. [143], In 1973, during her studies at the National University of La Plata, she met her future spouse, Néstor Kirchner. [16] Three of her grandparents were Spanish immigrants, specifically from Galicia[17] and the other was born in Argentina in a family of German background. The growing rates of inflation and crime also eroded their public support. La première dame d'Argentine Juliana Awada et la reine Letizia d'Espagne lors d'une réception en l'honneur du président argentin à l'hôtel Four Seasons de Buenos Aires, Argentine le 26 mars 2019. Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez is facing new corruption charges, with a judge asking for her arrest. [76] This led to a new cacerolazo on 18 April, known as the 18A. [31] Kirchner was popular among the suburban working class and the rural poor, while Carrió and Lavagna both received more support from the urban middle class. The party had projects to amend the constitution and allow indefinite reelections, but lacked the supermajority required for it. [106], The 30th anniversary of the Falklands War wasce in 2012, and Fernández de Kirchner increased the anti-British sentiment in her rhetoric, reiterating the Argentine claims in the Falkland Islands sovereignty dispute. The Constitution of Argentina allows only one reelection. Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner (Spanish pronunciation: [kɾisˈtina elisaˈβet ferˈnandes ðe ˈkiɾʃneɾ] (listen); born 19 February 1953), often referred to by her initials CFK,[1][2][note 1] is an Argentine lawyer and politician who has served as the Vice President of Argentina since 2019. He considered it unfortunate that the president disparaged journalism, and pointed that the freedom of the press may be declining in Argentina. Under this vision, the people are treated like a homogeneous group, with a unified collective will, that the leader interprets beyond the boundaries of parliaments and parties. She was elected national senator in 1995, and had a controversial tenure, while her husband was elected governor of Santa Cruz Province. As a result, taxes were not increased, and Lousteau resigned by April 2008, only a few months after he had been appointed. Au cas où la fonction de président de la Nation devenait vacante, c'est le président provisoire du Sénat qui est chargé de l'intérim. She became influenced by Peronism, left-wing politics, and anti-imperialism. Argentine law enforcement concluded that Nisman's death was a homicide. President Isabel Perón was unable to command the support of any powerful group, let alone construct a necessary coalition, and the political and economic situation in Argentina worsened. [97], Anthony Mills, deputy director of the International Press Institute, compared the harassment against the press in Argentina with cases in Venezuela and Ecuador. Un projet de loi légalisant l'avortement jusqu'à 14 semaines de grossesse en Argentine sera débattu après le 30 novembre au Parlement.